What moves me

A silent prayer on wings of Faith,

never too early, never too late.

Beseeching a wish to come true,

keep them always in peace, happy not blue.

Music! It floods my heart with joy,

ever since I was an adolescent boy.

Invigorates, soothes and comforts me,

My Spirit moves and yearns to be.

The warm and friendly eyes of a lab,

windows to a species pure, without the gab,

Giving and seeking unconditional love,

Showing a quality that’s much above.

A verdant patch in the midst of concrete, 

soothes my soul, stills my beat.

Syncs my breath in tune with the trees,

the leaves, the flowers and the bumblebees.

A book is the window to my soul,

quenches my thirst, makes me whole.

Revealing plots and stories that enthral,

I crave them , I want them all !

Infectious is her peal of laughter,

the apple of my eye, my lovely daughter.

Questioning and challenging – that’s the typical way

Youth confronting Maturity, night or day.

Yet, above all, what moves my soul,

besides good old fashioned rock n roll,

is when I bow my head at His shrine,

And get a fleeting glimpse of Love Divine.

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