The path of the 4 Ps to energise your career

Have you ever felt drained out, demoralised or demotivated by the rough and tumble of the office environment?  Do you feel mentally fatigued at having to deal with the political one upmanship that is the norm at the workplace? Are you wondering what you are doing at a workplace where your manager does not seem to recognise your efforts?

A couple of years ago, I was precisely in the same situation. A sense of fatigue and hopelessness had crept in. I was demotivated and held a gloomy view of my career as well as life in general. My interaction with colleagues was minimal and I avoided mingling with them. I felt persecuted and insecure. But then I discovered one thing which helped lift me from the morass of self-pity and pessimism.

That was my writing.

I had published my first book – a collection of short stories – Cartwheels of the Mind in 2014. This maiden literary effort of mine caught the eye of my Director who encouraged and praised my effort by showcasing the same to the entire team on the floor. This brought a huge smile to my face and gave a tremendous boost to my self-belief and confidence.

Earlier this year, I finished writing the first draft of my first full length novel. I am currently in the process of refining the book, identifying an editor and finalising a marketing strategy. All this work on my passion and hobby has made me realise that there is a definite link between following your passion and becoming happier at work. I give below the way of the 4 Ps that I think is a sure-fire way to raise your energy levels at work and make you happier.

Passion: The first thing you need to do is to identify your passion. This can be anything. From cultivating a green patch, to climbing mountains; from singing out your heart to telling your story. The possibilities are endless. But here’s the catch – it must be your passion. The thing you love doing the most, not because others are doing it, or because it makes you look cool. But because it ignites a fire in you. It fills you up and expands your horizon. It excites you and makes you feel alive.

So, rule #1 is – find your passion.

Purpose: Now that you have identified your passion, you realise you are now filled with a Purpose. The need to do something, be someone or show your prowess to the world. Purpose defines who you are, it provides meaning to your Life and bolsters your self-confidence. You are no longer just ambling along the highway of Life. You know what you are here for. This is a primal urge for all mankind that often gets obscured by the hurly burly of modern existence. Purpose provides you a sense of self-worth that transcends work titles and job descriptions. It fuels your existence.

Perseverance: Ok, so now you know what excites you. This activity (and it must be an activity, not merely a thought) sets your pulse racing. What are you going to do about it? To sit back and relax is the antithesis of what you should be doing. You need to FEED that passion. Which means you must persevere to keep doing what you love to do, in small doses, day after day. This perseverance to do the thing you love to do, is crucial to fanning the flames of passion in you and will keep you from day dreaming about what makes you feel good, to actually doing it. An ounce of doing is worth a ton of passion.

Positivity: The culmination of the path that you have started on, as shown above, is the infusion of positivity in your Life. You are now filled with optimism and energy because you know what your passion is, you are filled with the evangelistic fervour of your Purpose and you take small steps on a daily basis to fulfil that passion. The combination of the above steps lead you to becoming an optimistic person, one who is more cheerful and has a more benevolent world view.  This positivity seeps into your career as well and the outcome is a noticeably peaceful and energised you, one who is not buffeted by the storms of petty politicking or manoeuvring but holds her own. Your efforts at the workplace are infused with a renewed enthusiasm and vigour.

The 4 Ps above are not stand alone but are synergistic in nature, each part of the process feeding the next in a powerful Circle of positivity.

To summarise – find your Passion. One that fills you with a Purpose which if you will Persevere with, will lead to a virtuous circle of Positivity and Happiness. Adopt this for yourself and then watch the transformation unfold.

I have experienced the benefits of the 4Ps – try it and see if it works for you.

One thought on “The path of the 4 Ps to energise your career

  1. You seem to have built a simple bridge for externally focussed or do I say lost souls, who seek happiness from the world out there, while the path to discovering happiness is to travel within.

    The whole 4P path reads as a beautiful journey of discovering one’s true self through seeking true resonance of the soul, when you resonate with a certain passion, you know you are on the path of your true calling or soul purpose, which will then drive the perseverance and passion to completely fill the projections and our erstwhile reflections of our own shadows with pure and sheer light of love and compassion for self and all that we encounter. Spreading the light and positivity to the souls lost in the dense woodwork of their ego minds.

    Kudos Yezdi, on deciphering this complex awakening down to the first few steps and bridging it with elements in their virtual reality driving their unconscious existence and happiness quotient. The 4P’s would make all who use the 4P’s unconsciously embark on a journey of sheer consciousness. Stay blessed!

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