The Man in the mirror

I am not one to keep examining my appearance every now and then. The couple of times I do look at my reflection are  limited to my visits to the washroom. 

Earlier, even when I did glance at myself, it would be with a critical eye. Oh there I was again. I would search for the perfect version of myself. Always with a straight face, always serious. I mean,  looking at yourself is nothing much to celebrate, is it ? And anyways , what’s the big deal about admiring your own face in the mirror ? 

Then, after spending the most part of my life with the same face (you don’t get a choice, you know) and after reading countless messages about being kind to yourself,. I tried something. 

I smiled at myself in  the mirror.

The other guy smiled back and it felt good. The familiar eyes crinkling in recognition of a familiar face, the happy smile turning into a wide grin.

Why should we always need to smile at others – family, spouse, colleagues et al ? What about the one and only person true to you, always fighting for your cause, never expecting any kindness or love from – your own self.

We are always so judgemental about ourselves. At least I was, until recently. Always condemning my reflection for the mistakes I made, not happy with who I was or what I had become. 

Remembering only the mistakes ,  not the highlights, not ready to accept that I was who I really was – an imperfect human being with flaws, warts and all.

But when I smiled at myself, I realised that I do deserve it. I deserve to be kind to myself and doesn’t kindness begin with a smile ? Why am I so stern with me ? Is it because I am expecting myself to be perfect all the time ? 

Smiling at me makes me feel good about myself. It reminds me that I will always be there for me. That is a comforting thought.

So the next time you catch yourself looking at a mirror, smile at the person looking  at you. She’s your best friend and deserves your love. Smiling at the man / woman in the mirror makes you kinder to yourself.

When you can smile at yourself without judgement, without the need  to be perfect, you will feel a lot lighter and happier. After all isn’t being comfortable with one’s self a Happy feeling ?

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