The fortunate one

I sit shivering under the bridge
and the wind whips through my dirty hair
I tremble with a fear that makes the bile rise in my mouth
while the privileged enjoy sound sleep in their concrete boxes.

My family surrounds me, also afraid of what the night will bring
Demons and ghouls are our usual friends,
But even they stay away on a night like this.

We haven’t had a morsel to eat today
nothing but water and salt,
Is this the price for being human ?
a just reward for chasing the City dream?

The first drops of rain pelt the ground
as the rats go scurrying by,
The wind whistles in glee as she encounters our frightened feeble frames
trying in vain to protect ourselves, with the tattered threads gifted from a prosperous owner.

Lightning strikes in sudden fury,
causing us to shiver and quake at natures song and dance.

I look up to the skies, peeking out from beyond the concrete
A million stars greet us every day, but none tonight.
and wonder what’s in store for us,
Will we survive the night?

And then she ambles across, her sparse and meagre body glistening from the rain,
she licks my face with love, while lightning tears the curtains apart.

I see through Nature’s force and fury,
that He is smiling at me
and I am indeed the fortunate one.

picture via Unsplash

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