Why I created this blog


Hello reader !

You may have come upon this blog by chance. Maybe intrigued by the name – who uses the word “muse”  in this day and age ! Or better still (and I get this a lot) , what kind of a name is yezdi ? Is it same as the bike ? Yes it is.

A few words about myself.

Am a Zoroastrian ; hence the name. Doesnt yet ring a bell ? If it still doesnt, well…lets talk about that later.

I love books, reading and writing, in that order. Reading is my strength, my succour, my best companion through difficult days or lazy days or any old ordinary day.

Books I love – and I can never get enough of them. Thrillers ( think Chase, Ludlum, Grisham) Mysteries ( is there anyone better than Agatha Christie? ) Biographies ( I really liked Einstein’s) , comedy ( dont you just love Erma Bombeck ?), fiction of any kind.. the tear jerker from Mitch Albom or the  edge of the seat thriller from Stephen King.. I soak it up like a sponge soaks the water. And still crave for more.

I guess I got bitten by the reading bug when I must have been 5 or 6. I remember my first reader which had complicated sentences like – Pat can sing. Mother can sing. Sing to Pat, Mother. I adored it.

The written word has since lived in me, entered my soul and has the capacity to make me laugh, cry, think, mourn, ponder about Life, and make me live vicariously a cornucopia of other emotions . And I can never get enough of these. To put this in another way – what shopping means to my wife, reading means to me.

The next thing that happened in my youth ( and thats quite a long time ago) was when I tried my hand at writing. So I penned a few stories (not too bad, if I may say so myself) and wrote some maudlin poetry convinced that Love and Life were terribly unfair. But these baby steps that I took years ago, instilled in me the CONFIDENCE that I could put pen to paper and carve out a story.

Many years down the line, I wrote my first set of short stories – Cartwheels of the Mind. In all my haste to get published, I self published without putting any thought to marketing the book. Of course it got published and promptly sank without a trace. I learnt lesson no. 1 – MARKETING is everything.

So, I realised that I could write a bit and wanted to move on to my next challenge – writing a full blown novel. That was about 2 years ago and am very happy and excited to say that I have finished the first draft of the manuscript and some publishers have shown an interest in my book. Hallelujah !

Dear reader, this blog that you have stumbled upon, has not been created for anything special. This is just a blog about a guy who loves writing and reading. I aim to write about anything that pleases me and also things that get me mad (lots of that stuff in my head. ) . I want to write about my experiences and put it out there, onto the big online world of the Internet. Does this resonate with you ? Good for you. Do you like my post ? Good for me. Dont like it at all – please feel free to move on.

But the end result I am looking at is this – if  you are able to glean even a tiny bit of pleasure or awareness from my writing, I would be a very satisfied person. If what I write about inspires you to take up reading or writing, that would be great. For that’s what a writer’s raison de etre is – to move people with words – to laughter, to tears and to every emotion in between. Lets hope I can do the same for you in some way or another.

Welcome aboard 🙂



P.S : Since I am a newbie at this activity , would welcome any comments/ suggestions to make it better !