A beacon to yourself

The world does not care for your troubles.

It is impervious to your feelings which reverberate across the universe.
It does not consider being happy or fulfilled just because you were born !
Isn’t the world a dull and depressing place?

It seeks not to comfort you nor pour
the balm of encouragement on your tired shoulders,
The world is uncaring, unforgiving and indifferent.

For if your breath were to get snuffed out right now,
like a small flame smothered  by a sudden gust of wind,
a leaf would not tremble nor grieve for you.
The world would simply keep spinning on its axis,
A tiny orb in the vast, fathomless universe, unmindful of your absence.

So what then, is the point of your Life ?
Does your own breath even matter to anyone ?
Look around you, pause and take stock.
No one gives a damn whether you live or die.

Why then must you struggle, strive and strain for your very existence ?
Is it to gain fame, fortune, notoriety or acclaim ?

Will people even remember you a decade after you have gone ?
Ha ! A decade is an eternity, how about a year from now ?
Who will remember you for what you were, rather than what you have achieved ?

The reason why you must (strain and strive) is that you do it for yourself.

You decide what defines you, what gives meaning to the canvas of your life.

You ascertain how you want to live,

either eking out a cold, lonely miserable existence,
shrouded by a cloak of obscurity and gloom,
or by living your life as a glorious assertion of your individuality.
A triumph of self-expression, a rainbow in an otherwise cloudy sky,
Showing others the way, even as you shine in your own, unique light.

Either way my friend, the choice is completely yours.

photo credit :thinkimmigration.org

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